Creative visualization

The point of power is always in the present moment.
That’s Right! Life supports me and brings the perfect circumstances for my growth
Our experience of the world is a reflection of our thoughts, words and beliefs. Worry dissipates vital energy that could be directed into positive solutions, creative visualization and joyful expectation for the future.
The present moment is the doorway to enlightenment. We can engage life’s magic by understanding our power and remembering (always!) that thoughts become things.
Decide what you wish to create. Honor where you are in the present moment and visualize the end result. Any thoughts which impede your progress should be observed, examined and transformed into the realm of infinite possibility.
Be excited, enchanted and celebrate the fact that you are getting closer every day. As you walk through your lessons, they become easier to navigate and soon you will see the light on the horizon.
Today my intention is to rejoice in what I have and greet my challenges with open arms
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