Creating new energy

I learned something new recently. One of the aspects of house hunting that has played a significant role in my search has always been to check the vibration of the street address to see what type of energy the household will bring to my experience. Those of you who have studied tarot or numerology with me know that means that I have chosen to avoided spaces that vibrate to 15 (restriction, frustration, feeling trapped) and 16 (emotional upset, chaos, confusion). During our recent search for a new home I began to feel more open to those numbers and suddenly a new idea popped into my mind, “I wonder if you can change the street address of a house?”

It took about a millisecond on the internet to discover that yes, that is relatively simple and in our area this happens a few times a year. This opened a whole new way of thinking. I began to feel excited about the possibility of consciously shifting the energy of a space to something empowering and supportive. We purchased a home that originally vibrated to a 15 and shifted the numbers in such a way that the new vibration is now a 19 – expansion, abundance, growth and joy.

Changes in perception change everything. The willingness to ask questions, explore solutions and open to new ideas can lead us wonderful places. I am grateful for my previous way of thinking – the idea of limitation has served a valuable purpose and now can be discarded. What else is possible?

Today my intention is to create the world of my dreams knowing that there is always something new to learn.

Posted in Wow Moment.