“I view all experiences as opportunities for me to learn and grow.”
~Louise Hay~

Growth requires one thing – courage. We must be willing to take a risk, to delve into the unknown and make an attempt to dialogue with all of existence. If you rely too much on creating safety by building walls around you, everything becomes blocked… the challenges as well as the joys of discovery. If you are courageous enough to drop defense mechanisms and allow yourself to be vulnerable, who knows what may happen? There are no guarantees, and yes, there may be hazards along the way, but that is what seeking is all about.

In order to transform our shadows into empowered aspects of growth, we must turn and face them. They, like everything in the human experience, have lessons to teach and gifts to offer. Integration of our dualistic nature allows us to shine a light in the darkness, and through love, heal whatever is found there.

The gifts you discover are yours to share. You embarked upon this journey to explore facets of being that are ready to shine and your expanded consciousness allows you to experience the world differently. It awakens a deeper understanding of the Self, inspiring feelings of safety, compassion, integrity, confidence and courage. You’ll observe this impact on your life as you naturally begin to open your heart to others and live your fullest potential.

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