Consistent Practice

“The wise student hears of the Tao and practices it diligently.
The average student hears of the Tao and thinks about it now and then.
The foolish student hears of the Tao and laughs out loud.
If there were no laughter, the Tao would not be what it is.”
Lao Tzu

What we put into life determines what we receive from life. Whether working to create inner peace and balance, learning to play an instrument, create a beautiful dinner or write a novel, the effort must be consistent.

On a daily basis, the more we practice, the more second nature our behavior becomes. We learn to make time for the things we find important and others learn to expect that from us.

Whatever your passion, honor your own path by making it a significant part of your life. Each day, set aside time to devote to yourself. Your focus, intention and conscious decisions create space in which a transformation can occur.

It’s important to follow your passion. When we do things out of joy instead of attaching to a particular outcome, we can experience new aspects of ourselves, discover unused talents, meet people with similar passions and much, much more.


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