Conscious suffering

Spiritual practice has little to do with logical explanations. The mind will always question ‘Why?’ when challenges arise. This desire for knowledge is an egoic trap which tells us that we must understand in order to alleviate our discomfort. Any reasons we discover – psychological, physiological, karmic, etc. – are only part of the story. Oneness teaches us that everything is interconnected – and the infinite nature of complexity means both that we can discover multiple approaches that help us on our journey as well as the truth that, as humans, our vision and ability to understand is very limited.

There are blinders that obscure our vision. Deep understanding never lies within the cognitive world of ‘why’ but in experiencing the complexity of the present moment with an openness that defies explanation. Ezra Bayda, in “Saying YES to Life (Even the Hard Parts) states that “Ego-based suffering is generated by the complex of believed thought and unpleasant sensations.” Yes, we encounter both minute and life-changing challenges as we navigate the Path of Transformation and during each, the spiritual seeker has the option to suffer consciously. The contrast we discover between the mechanisms of the mind and the playfulness we experience when we feel balanced and connected is the paradox that teaches through the human condition in a way that leads us ever closer to the Divine.

All things work to our highest good (whether we have the ability to see it now or later). When clarity eludes us, we can take one more conscious step forward knowing that each moment is part of our unique journey of awakening. Faith in the process of your development is key. All of us do the best we can we what we have and there are gifts to be discovered in the midst of every challenge.

Today my intention is to open new doors to life. Gifts of love and experience await.

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