Conscious suffering

Suffering has no value unless it is conscious suffering. Whether self imposed stresses, fear, guilt or anxiety, it’s important to recognize when we are holding our hearts back as a form of protection. Any of these challenges can be the doorway through we enter more deeply into life.

When you understanding that suffering is a teacher rather than the enemy, it becomes something to learn from rather than something which needs to be conquered. It’s human nature to feel pain and we can transform it into powerful aspects of our awakening without becoming lost in the drama.

It’s important to nurture yourself. The longing for wholeness must begin within. Inner exploration and inner understanding can be accessed through conscious breathing. Slow down and accept the breath of life. Feel it expanding your heart chakra and simple be with whatever the moment offers. Don’t try to change… just become aware knowing that awareness heals.

All perceived problems come from limited thought patterns; therefore, be conscious enough to focus on solutions, desired movement or transformation rather than the problem itself. Your energy flows where your attention goes and in the midst of suffering, it is also possible to choose joy.

Today my intention is to release all control to the Divine and be at peace within myself.

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