Conscious responses

One important aspect of spiritual awareness is the consciousness we bring to situations we encounter with challenging people.

That’s Right! Everyone changes, and I am willing to create a space in which transformation can occur

Anyone can feel “evolved” when sitting in mediation or on a mountaintop. True enlightenment requires that we walk among all types of people and honor the stage of growth in which they reside. Practice kindness in the face of anger or even when feeling attacked, knowing that the present moment provides an opportunity for you to make a difference… and whether you see the results of it or not, never doubt the power of the Divine.

There is great joy in taking full responsibility for every aspect of your life, releasing blame and excuses and simply walking your talk and speaking your truth with integrity. Your light shines throughout the darkness more brightly than you can imagine.

Today my intention is to be an authentic example of unconditional love and acceptance.
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