Cultural conditioning

Unconscious beliefs can silently run our lives.

“A spiritual teacher is sometimes necessary to help you uncover that one thing you do not wish to see.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Our culture is based upon doing rather than being. Throughout many facets of life, we are taught that we must take some action to fix, achieve, or be productive in order to feel happy and fulfilled.

A life of spiritual practice is often one of opposites. When a challenge arises or when we are triggered, take a moment to simply be with it. Allow yourself to be a loving witness to whatever unfolds in your experience rather than immediately jumping up to fix the problem. After all, it’s purpose has some meaning for your journey.

Remaining present and in a continuing state of acceptance is not passivity or apathy. Quite the opposite, it takes an incredible amount of conscious awareness and discipline to stay deeply centered in the Now – aware, empowered and aligned with grace.

Use the zen practice question, “What is this?” throughout the day and see what you discover.

Today my intention is to observe ways that I obstruct my own sense of peace and consciously bring myself back to a life of Presence.

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