Compassion and understanding

Everyone says that they wish for happiness, yet they still cling to the ideas and things that bring them misery.

“The more we practice with our own struggles and relate to them as our vehicle to awakening, the less we will judge our struggles as defects. Likewise in relationships, the more we can remember that others also have the wish to learn from their struggles, the less we will judge others as defective when we see them caught in their distress.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Compassion and understanding are the side effects of conscious listening. Whenever you choose to bring an open heart to your meeting place, you create the opportunity to learn something new. From this space of awareness, you’ll discover an alternative viewpoint, garner understanding of another’s challenges or fears and have a greater opportunity to move into love.

Love and judgment cannot coexist in the same space. Look upon yourself with compassion. Look upon others with compassion. Seek only to bring the best version of yourself to your life experiences. This is even more important within the workings of the mind. Every thought sends energy out into the universe. Purposely send kindness whenever possible… and as the Dalai Lama says, “It is always possible.”

Today my intention is to honor everyone as my teacher.
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