Choose joy now

Freedom is a gift we give ourselves.

“My inner quest is rewarding and provides me with many answers.” 
~Louise Hay~
Your journey is sacred. Through it you have found your truth and set yourself free from society’s limited conditioning and opinions. The light of that truth allows you to act as a conscious co-creator each step of the way. There is nothing more beautiful than discovering your true nature and living aligned with it. Be courageous enough to take responsibility for your experience while allowing joy to guide you.
Old souls walk an undefined path. Releasing the past, they forge ahead in ways that many do not understand. Learning by experience, they choose response rather than reaction and act with awareness in the present moment. You are a master in the process of awakening. Each phase of that process contains it’s own unique beauty.
Today my intention is to be thankful for every person and every experience that has brought me to this moment. Life is so sweet.
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