Breaking free of old patterns through self awareness

The world in which you live is one of your ow creation. We project our thoughts and beliefs onto every situation and weave our stories, fears and desires throughout every aspect of our lives.

Pay attention to the repeating patterns of your life. There you will discover that which your soul longs to heal. All transformation begins within. When you feel angry with someone, recognize that it is simply anger at yourself which is being projected outward onto the most accessible target. The awakening master understands this aspect of the journey and simply chooses to increase their awareness, own their own stuff and take responsiblity for creating change through personal growth and evolution.

Everyone has moments of deep connection and stillness and yet others where we may still miss the mark. Awareness heals. It’s not helpful to create another story out of a perceived mistake (thereby adding another layer of energy to an old pattern) but to remain the observer and consciously shift whenever possible.

Quietly notice the various beliefs that have been put into place in our society. The opposing viewpoints and beliefs, opinions and prejudice are all ego-driven distractions that keep us so engaged in conflict with one another that we forget the power of going within to heal.

In every moment, you are evolving as you walk the Path of Transformation. The filters and veils which covered the infinite beauty of your soul are one by one being washed away. As you grow and become more spiritually aware your life situation will transform, thus reflecting the change.

It’s important to periodically detox – physically, mentally and emotionally. Be kind to yourself throughout these changes and honor the path of your awakening. As you grow, you’ll discover that you can handle any situation with grace, trust, joy and ease, knowing that you are right where you need to be.

Today my intention is to trust my inner wisdom.

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