Beyond what we see

The physical world represents 1% of all that is happening on an energetic level.

That’s Right! There is more to life than meets the eye

Don’t be fooled by appearances. Often, the energy of a situation is the opposite of how it appears. The unexpected disappointment transforms into a life changing breakthrough, the betrayal solidifies a relationship, a stranger offers genuine friendship or a rejection can open new potential.

Trust the processes of your life. Your inner guidance has access to vast knowledge and may lead you directly into karmic situations as part of your spiritual growth. Always choose to seek the gift in a challenge and one will be presented to you.

True wisdom comes from exploring the unknown. See beyond what the physical world presents to the energy that underlies a given situation. One form of spiritual practice is to consciously release the need to form an opinion or be reactive. Observe, feel, experience without commentary, be present… this will open your ability to see clearly.

The next time you face something that triggers a reactive response in you, turn it around and immediately find a way to view it as the opposite of how it appears. See what happens.

Today my intention is to remember that I am surrounded by love. All is well.

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