You are in the midst of a great awakening.

“Today I am willing to accept a miracle.”

Choose one thing today and immerse yourself within it. Treat yourself to a new book. Take time to recharge. Explore your creativity. Listen. No matter what you choose to do, approach it without expectation and simply allow something different to arise within your experience.

Willingness is the key. When we allow new energy to flow, we are transformed. This is the beginning of a new phase of awakening; ask the Divine for enlightenment. A new perspective or inspiration is waiting to find its way into your consciousness and it’s up to you to be willing to receive.

Expect your life to be filled with amazing experiences, people, insights and opportunities. You will then bring meaning and momentum to a life filled with infinite potential.

There are facets of you that are waiting to be revealed. Releasing old beliefs and habits will free you to embark upon this epic journey of self-discovery.
Today I am willing to align myself with a new mission and purpose.
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