Become the light

Enlightenment is not a destination. It is a state of being.

“When we begin practice, we are normally so caught up in our separate self – with all of our stories, complaints, entitlements and desires – that we can rarely get in touch with the love or appreciation that reflect our true nature. This is why we cultivate awareness of the heart, including emphasizing the importance of living from gratitude, loving-kindness and compassion.”  ~Ezra Bayda~

In every moment we have the opportunity to demonstrate what an awakened life looks like. Our actions and responses to life events mirror our current state of consciousness; therefore, choose to see every aspect of your journey as spiritual practice.

When we bring mindfulness to our daily experiences, we change the filter through which we interpret the world. The challenging person becomes a teacher. Painful emotions awaken new aspects of our ability to love. Boredom gives us space to bring a meditative awareness to the present moment.

This expression of light may spark the light within those you encounter. Your acceptance or kind words can remind someone of what they may have forgotten when caught in the midst of struggle. There is no greater gift that we can give.

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