Be willing to accept a miracle

Each of us can choose to easily flow with new experiences and new opportunities.
That’s right! Everything that is around me serves a purpose on my journey of awakening

Many people ask for a miracle and then limit their ability to receive by choosing to function within the known instead of leaping into the unknown. Faith demands that we shift our thoughts, release our fear and step into the flow of life. The gifts that await are limitless.

Every bridge that you cross leads to greater fulfillment. When you create peacefulness within your mind, it becomes easier to trust your inner wisdom.

The infinite power of the Divine flows through every being on this planet. We are all interconnected and support can flow into your life through anyone at anytime. Sometimes, the Universe sends messages and information via the unlikeliest of sources – be ready and willing to receive… and never forget that you may be the miracle for someone else.

Today, my intention is to allow good to come to me from everywhere and everyone.

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