Be the light

Be the light you wish to see in the world.

That’s Right! I only speak words that are loving, positive and constructive

The stars and earth, rocks, trees and rivers, animals, fish and birds, all are our brothers and sisters in this dance of life. Nothing is separate. Our role is to be the loving witness of life itself, bringing light and consciousness to the collective energy of the planet.

As you walk today in gratitude, sense the interconnectedness of which you are a part and receive the extraordinary gift of feeling at home wherever you are.

“You are not accidental. Existence needs you. Without you something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it. That’s what gives you dignity, that the whole existence will miss you. The stars and sun and moon, the trees and birds and earth – everything in the universe will feel a small place is vacant which cannot be filled by anybody but you. This gives you a tremendous joy, a fulfillment that you are related to existence, and existence cares for you. Once you are clean and clear, you can see tremendous love falling on you from all dimensions.”
~ Osho

Today my intention is to radiate warmth and love. I choose harmony wherever I am.

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