Be Still

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”  
~Ram Dass~ 
You are the stillness in which life happens.
In stillness we can begin to sense the infinite. As a spiritual seeker, it’s important to learn how to quiet the mind. Within this space of infinite possibility, the quiet truth of your inner wisdom can make itself known.
The mind seeks to create a constant flow of thoughts, ideas and opinions. It fears the silence and fills that space with meaningless garble as a distraction. You are much more than your thoughts. You are a spark of the Divine which desires only to awaken to its infinite nature through the momentary illusion of human experience. As you learn to rise above thought, you will discover a lightheartedness and freedom that is astounding.
Enlightenment is learning to reside in the present moment as it is. Be still and listen to the wisdom of your soul.
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