Be gentle with yourself

Embrace yourself with kindness and compassion.

That’s Right! Love transforms, hatred solidifies

If there are things you wish to change in your experience, seek them out with gentleness. Whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, recognize that awareness and acceptance are the first steps of healing. When they arise, embrace them, for they are a part of you and a part of your spiritual journey of awakening.

As you turn your attention inward, observe yourself without creating an ego-driven story. All the “I shoulds” or “I shouldn’ts” and judgments that we make add layers of negativity on top of the attribute, pattern or belief in question. This heavy energy creates a deep malaise through which we must function in our day to day life. Love yourself enough to create a lightness everywhere in your experience that you possibly can.

It is possible to touch mindfulness, compassion and understanding now – from where you are with what you have. It is manifested by how we live. All change begins within. Consider the person, animal or place that you love with all your heart and all the kindnesses that you extend in that relationship – treat yourself with the same amount of love and consideration through your thoughts, words and conscious actions.

Today my intention is to joyfully keep my inner child safe at the center of my being. I love and cherish my inner child.

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