Be calm in the face of chaos

Stand in your soul’s truth.

“When strong emotions arise in the midst of a conflict, it’s generally best to keep quiet, to spend some time in meditation. It’s certainly better to avoid getting hooked into self-justification and blame – which is what is inevitably happens when we open our mouths while gripped by flaring emotion. When we relate to others from our small mind – with all it’s desire, opinions and judgments – we relate only to the small mind of the other. And thus we stay caught in a diminished life that guarantees distress. When we relate to another from the big mind – from spacious awareness – we relate to the deepest nature of the other as well. This is the path from conflict to communion.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Quiet awareness creates a space around any difficulties that arise. It allows us to view things differently and to respond differently. When we slow down and become more mindful, we discover that there are many ways to demonstrate love in any given situation.
The greatest spiritual masters were simple people; innocent, kind and consistent. This innocence is already your true nature. It’s time to release the layers of conditioning that block that beautiful expression of existence.
Keep things simple. Discover your own truths rather than adopting the collective viewpoint of others. Set yourself free from the illusions of ego, for a new consciousness is arising within you.
Today my intention is to live in sincerity, authenticity and openness.
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