Be an inspiration

Your presence is transformative.

“It is always worth considering, ‘Am I blissful the way I am living?’ If one is not then one must take risks. New paths, new lifestyles, a new search will have to be undertaken. This much is certain: you have nothing to lose.”  ~Osho~ 

Love, joy and enthusiasm are contagious. They allow you to operate from a higher level and bring a vibrant energy to your life situation. Many people in the world are unaware of the power of passion. They plod through their workdays waiting for the weekend – always seeking satisfaction through some future moment.

You can be an inspiration simply by being your authentic self. No matter what you choose to do, let awareness flow through you into all that you touch. If you observe that the mind has taken over, stop, close your eyes and do some conscious breathing to pull yourself present. Then open your eyes and begin again. You’ll discover this brings greater clarity than overthinking.

The joy of being is not something you achieve. It moves through you and comes from the infinite potential of your true nature. It is accessible through being One With Life.

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