Be an agent of change

Old souls see the world differently.

“Not to belong is one of the greatest experiences of life. To be utterly an outsider, never feeling to be a part anywhere, is a great experience of transcendence.”  
When your life is guided by spirit rather than by the ego, there is no need to struggle to fit in. Our world is primarily consists of Mature Souls (excessive lessons and drama) and Young Souls (money, status and power). Old Souls begin to see the world differently. They know that there is more to life than meets the eye and therefore, create a unique way of being in the world.

Your personal awakening is an important part of our collective evolution. As you change, the world around you is transformed. Be what you wish to see in the world. If you desire more kindness and compassion, bring that energy into your life situations. The Divine seeks to express itself through you. Become a pure channel of the love, light and laughter of the universe.

Old souls can sometimes feel outnumbered or misunderstood. That is actually built in to the process of growth. We must be willing to be different and learn the lessons that type of experience has to offer. As we heal old wounds, drop the mechanisms of the ego and move into Oneness, something magical happens… acceptance, surrender, empowerment and joy emerge.
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