Be a Force For Love

When love informs your world view, you step into a world of infinite possibility.
“You may protest if you can love the person you are protesting against as much as you love yourself.”
~Ram Dass~  

The higher your level of consciousness, the more expanded your vision. Consider the limitations of hatred or fear. Both states of being create filters which distort one’s interpretations and create a self-made prison. Only love can dissolve the bars that enslave so many.

Our role is to demonstrate a different way of being. Those who wish to create change must guard against becoming the very thing they are seeking to transform. Consciousness calls upon us to be mindful, to communicate with kindness and to project our vision of a new earth. The moment is Now and what you do today matters.

The idea of global transformation may seem daunting; however, your life creates ripples that spark change all the time. Even though you may not bear witness to the end results of your loving actions, never doubt that your light has the potential to plant seeds of awakening in all those who are touched by your life.


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