Balance and integration

At the center of your being lies a profound wisdom. This is a place of balance and integration which you have been carrying all along and this core of love can transform the mundane into a deep and abiding connection to the Divine.  No matter how fragmented or frustrating life can be, peace resides at the center waiting and willing to bring us back into balance.

Go beyond the boundaries of the mind into the realm of infinite possibility. This moment is a gift that is meant to be experienced. With conscious awareness, we learn to see that life is the ultimate game which has tremendous meaning when we don’t get too serious and over-think it. In innocence and acceptance we open ourselves to discover the mysteries of existence.

Seek answers within you. Look to the messages of nature, pay attention to the patterns that show up in your life but always come back to your center. The idea is simply to bring more awareness into each area of your life and joy to each step of the journey.

Today my intention is to embrace the present moment knowing that whatever I am guided to do will be a success.

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