Be willing to stay present with whatever is unfolding in your experience.

“The heart that seeks to awaken, to live genuinely, is more real than anything. That nameless drive calls you to be who you most truly are.”
~ Ezra Bayda~

Your heart seeks to awaken. When you walk consciously in the world, you’ll discover that all of life supports you in this endeavor. Every moment is filled with unlimited opportunities for insight and clarity and the ability to recognize the inherent sacredness in all that you see is heightened.

Let the music of your soul come alive and infuse your journey with joy. You are engaged in the dance of awakening and can strengthen this movement of awareness by living authentically. Your path of transformation is unique and will continue to bless you in ways that you cannot imagine.

Silence the mind and choose to dwell in this moment with balance and elegance. Honor all that you have loved and lost, all that you have learned, and all the beauty that is yet to come. Allow life’s mystery to come alive, transforming your human adventure into one of magic and prescience.

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