Attention and intention

Whatever you place your attention upon gathers your power. All your energy and vitality moves in that direction and it begins to grow stronger. Think of that each time you speak and consciously choose to utilize your precious energy well. When you wish to create change in your life allow the perceived problem to be the source of transformation – it’s role is to compel transformation – and quickly move on to the solution. Once you’ve decided to take action, all the power and energy should be directed to the end result for the most effective result.

The ego loves to sabotage the energetic flow by interjecting thoughts of “how?” or “when?” to distract you from empowered movement forward. Learn to trust the messages of the Universe. Seek a constant conversation with the Divine and experiment with different ways to communicate. Some spiritual seekers enjoy utilizing numbers, others connect with the messages to be found through animals or trees, some play in the angelic realm or become more sensitive to energy and vibration. It doesn’t matter which you utilize – this is your journey and there are infinite ways to participate in your own growth.

Today my intention is to ensure that my attention and intentions are aligned. I am willing to create a space in which a transformation can occur.

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