Always somethings new to learn

Pay attention… the depth of your reaction to a person or situation indicates the depth of work that is ready to be done.
“It is always easy for me to adapt and change. I am flexible and flowing.” 
~Louise Hay~
Whenever profound change is about to happen, we encounter resistance. This can be internal or external but it is always present during times of authentic growth.

It take courage to examine your deepest truths and most dearly held beliefs. There is always something new to learn and life will present whatever is required for your soul’s growth. There is a gift in every situation, patiently waiting to be discovered and received.

“Contrary to the romantic fantasies we have about relationships, in actuality they often push us directly into our blind longings, our dark fears, and our unhealed pain.”
~ Ezra Bayda ~
In every moment you have the choice to repeat old patterns or live from the heart. The soul is always looking to evolve and expand into new levels of consciousness.
Today my intention is to release the need to blame anyone. I accept the people around me just as they are, fellow divine spirits on a journey of discovery.
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