Act without expectation

Act without expectation.

That’s Right! I hold no cherished outcome    
Ensure that your choices are led by love rather than by fear. When you make a decision, act with integrity, do your best and accept what is… your life will reflect a greater sense of peace.

If you observe yourself, you may be surprised how often you attach to an outcome. The degree of disappointment or stress you feel is an indicator of how attached you are to the end result. Noticing this, you can purposely detach from the egoic desire and practice a healthy, loving sense of detachment. Whether your actions are small kindnesses or grand gestures, cultivate acceptance in all that you do. Be love.

The energy we emit dictates our experience of the world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were permanently in a state of grace? It’s possible. You absolutely have the ability to attain mastery, and it begins Now.

Today my intention is to love what is. My life unfolds perfectly.

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