Accept what is

Accept what is.

Only that which I no longer need leaves my life. Everything that surrounds me serves a purpose.
~ Louise Hay~
Clinging to the past causes pain. Don’t resist the changes that flow into your experience; instead, embrace the Now wholeheartedly.

“What holds us back from living open-heartedly? What shuts life out? What cuts off our natural ability to truly love? As much as anything, the answer is this: our anger. Though our anger hurts both ourselves and others, we still cling to it. When our expectations or desires aren’t met, anger insists, ‘No! I won’t accept this!’ Yet even as we feel the pain that comes from rejecting things that can’t be changed, we continue to indulge in anger’s aversion with a stubbornness that defies of sense.”
~ Ezra Bayda

Taking this concept a step further, understand that if anger blocks the flow of life, love and acceptance open it. There are countless opportunities to put acceptance into practice. Pay attention. Notice when resistance begins to arise (typically presenting itself as impatience, anxiety, stress, etc) and purposely choose to say “yes” to what is. This calming approach will open your awareness to new possibilities. Nothing is more important than your state of consciousness in this moment.

Today my intention is to act with integrity, do my best and accept what is.

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