“Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing.”
~Joshua Kai~

Abundance is not tied to a specific dollar amount nor is it achieved through attainment. It is the grace that naturally arises when we feel balanced and safe as we engage the physical experience. When we view the world through the eyes of love, we are fulfilled. A beautiful sunset, the laughter of friends, the smile of a dog… all create a sense of “enoughness.”

We are not diminished by sharing; conversely, such an act increases our own store. Knowing that all you send out into the world will return ten-fold, giving becomes an act of joy. And in your joy, you can discover and step into the flow of energy that moves through your experience.

Gratitude, practiced mindfully, creates a snowball effect that expands your perception. It’s a powerful practice to pause and appreciate the fullness of the present moment. Nothing is lacking. You are enough. You have the power to create your own experience. Explore what brings you joy. Let enthusiasm inform your choices and you will certainly reignite the spark of wonder within your heart. That is abundance.

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