All that you need is within you.

“I bless and prosper others, and they, in turn, bless and prosper me.”
~Louise Hay~

This morning I awoke with the phrase “the abundance of life” running through my mind… Traditionally, we associate abundance with material wealth or physical items; however, abundance is the feeling of having more than you need. It’s not surprising that the word ‘dance’ is contained within it, for when we feel abundant, on many levels we dance through life with enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm.”

Enthusiasm is deeply aligned with the present moment which is the source of it’s joy and power – it needs nothing because it lacks nothing. Joy is not a result of what we do, but is an energy that flows through us into what we do. This happiness creates expansion and positive change which becomes the motivating factor behind life itself.
Today my intention is to absolutely enjoy whatever it is that I choose to do – loving the journey, embracing who I am in this moment. It’s amazing to realize that no matter how things unfold in the physical world, that abundance is a state of oneness with the Universe and accessible by everyone in every moment.


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