See Yourself Bathed in Love

This morning I awoke from a vision of the energy of love streaming down upon us from the higher dimensions. One concept blazed through my mind – see yourself bathed in love. This directive seemed so imperative that I simply remained still and allowed the images from my spiritual guidance to flow.

In certain aspects this is easy to visualize, of course. The light from the sun is a beautiful example of unconditional love – shining down on everyone equally, holding back nothing, demanding nothing. As I sit here writing, I chose to drink a glass of water from a high state of conscious awareness… it too, is simply a flow of love which nurtures the body (and in this case, the mind and emotional bodies as well).

Easier still, we discover the energy of love within a kind word, laughter among friends, the smile of a dog, the art of creation, music, meditation, the feel of a mountain or by hugging a tree.

But what about man’s inhumanity to man? How can we find love in the desolation of once beautiful places, the destruction of the resources of our sacred mother earth or the poisoning of the mind with hatred? This is where spiritual practice and higher frequencies of awareness come in. If we hold the concept that all things have love at the core and we are the recipients of whatever is needed for our souls growth, we begin to look for love – even in the unlikeliest of places… and by looking for love, we are assured that it will be found.

The Universe works in ways that are sometimes subtle – we become blocked only to discover that a situation far more advantageous awaits us. We are treated poorly and someone completely unexpected steps in to offer assistance and our life takes off in a new direction. The insights I was provided this morning brought a greater understanding regarding the concept that the person who challenges you the most or creates the most conflict in your life actually loves you the most from a spiritual level.

From the higher perspectives – love, joy, peace, enlightenment – this is more easily witnessed. We can appreciate the weaving of the tapestry of our existence together in a new way and thus, cease being reactive or falling into judgment. In this way, we actively participate in the transformation and awakening of the planet and bring healing to all.

Your love is the greatest gift that you can offer in any situation.

Today my intention is to see and accept the gifts that life has to offer, no matter what form they choose to appear.

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  1. I love the new blog format and opportunity for readers to offer comments Krystina. Thank you!

    As is usually the case, your daily WOW Moments were especially relevant today, as my beloved pet, Mordecai, just died on Wednesday due to what we believe to be an intentional poisoning. In this case I have no idea who may have done it; we have some suspicions but I find myself letting go of those concerns as the days pass. While I mourn his loss and miss all the little things that I have come to expect, I also know that he is well cared for where he is, and other seemingly unrelated aspects are already starting to shift. It appears it was not such an unrelated incident at all, and all I can do is ride it out to see where life takes me next. Your words, as always, are a comfort and reminder to maintain a spiritual outlook in all things.

    Thank you.

    • I’m sorry for your loss, Jennifer. Our pets are amazing teachers! But I rejoice, too, in your ability to shift your energy and flow within the paradox of sadness and enlightenment – truly an indication of awakening mastery.


      • Thank you Krystina. We put our heads together with the vet and came to the conclusion that he was not poisoned, but died suddenly as a result of something called DIC – disseminated intravascular coagulation…something that happens to the elderly (in animals as well as humans, it appears!) It was his time to go, apparently, and I think he was trying to tell me this as he was “talking” to me in a mournful way prior to death early that morning. He had never talked to me that way before so I wasn’t sure what he was trying to say, except I knew he was saying good-bye. I miss him terribly, but I find that my grief over his passing was brief…especially since he visited us that very afternoon, and stayed for several days! LOL

  2. This is wonderful!!! I’m without words at the moment, but I love your message and as every reading aids in my growth, this one adds a new dimension. Thank you! xo

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