Sunday Night Energy Transmissions

Distance Energy Work - You can change your life!

Discover and accelerate the Mastery of your awakening.   Energy Transmissions transform your life by tapping into your potential in a powerful and personal way. Blockages are released or converted into inner strength.

These weekly group distance energy sessions combine several approaches which create a deeper connection between you and the god/goddess of your understanding.   Divine Intelligence knows where it is needed and will bring about healing and balance in whatever way is most appropriate for you on your personal and unique path of transformation.

Each week, I will be transmitting the energy between 9:00-10:00 pm (PST). Whether you choose to accept the energy "live" during that time or later in the evening, the potency will be the same. I've worked with my guides to ensure that it will be ready and waiting for you whenever you can create quiet time to receive it, for it is not limited by time or space.

As we progress, your frequency and personal vibration will increase, adding new layers of healing to what you have already received.

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How To Prepare For An Energy Transmission