Love is the goal – life is the journey

Ego-driven love is needy. Soul-driven love is empowering and expansive. That’s Right! I choose to be madly in love with life “Love is the goal – life is the journey.” ~ Osho When you create a life filled with love, amazing things begin to happen as it is reflected back to you. When you have […]

Be here Now

Your point of power resides in the present moment. That’s Right! I am safe in the world. I am comfortable with change and growth “Contentment alone is enough, Indeed the bliss of eternity can be found in your contentment.” ~ Lao Tzu, 46th verse, Tao Te Ching When someone is lost in worry, all their […]

Change your thoughts, change your life

All change begins within. That’s Right! I think positive thoughts, because every cell within my body responds to every thought I think and every word I speak It’s time to replace strong desires with calm contentment. When we approach the present moment with grace and acceptance, we allow a different type of energy to infuse […]

Be the light you wish to see

Allow the light of the Divine to shine through you. That’s Right! I experience love wherever I go. Loving people fill my life, and I honor the sacredness of our journey Allow your expanding consciousness to flow into everything that you do. When you direct your energy with the intention of sharing kindness and compassion, […]


No matter what unfolds, we have an opportunity to be mindful of our responses and actions and how we direct our energy. That’s Right! Peace begins with me. The more peaceful I am inside, the more peace I have to share with others Challenge yourself today to pay attention to how much energy you spend […]


We are all deeply connected to one another. That’s Right! Every thought I have sends waves of energy throughout the Universe Each of us plays a vital part in our collective expanding consciousness. You are a spark of the Divine exploring the joy of awakening through human experience. All judgments that we have are projections […]

Levels of consciousness

In this moment, nothing is more important than your state of consciousness. That’s Right! I am responsible for my own joy Our level of consciousness determines how we function in the world. Each level creates a filter through which everything is perceived. For someone vibrating at the level of Fear, for instance, everything is scary. […]

Transforming fear patterns into power

Empowerment is achieved when we are able to transform patterns of limitation into aspects of inner strength and grace. That’s Right! I easily and comfortably release that which I no longer need Each challenge we face provides an opportunity to explore uncharted facets of ourselves. This process of awakening and discovery liberates the gifts of […]

Perfection in the imperfection

You are a work in progress, an exquisite tapestry whose intricate design reflects your unique path of transformation. That’s Right! I now choose to recognize the magnificence of my being You are an infinite spirit having a temporary human experience. There will always be moments of perfection and others when you miss the mark. The […]


Transformation is at hand. All that is required is a willingness to experience it. That’s Right! The gateways to wisdom and knowledge are always open to me Sometimes change comes bursting unannounced into our lives like a chaotic free-for-all that hones our strengths and abilities. Other movements of awakening are more subtle, appearing as shifts […]