Keeping things simple

I am grateful. “I choose harmony and loving communication wherever I am.”  ~Louise Hay~ The mind loves to have a problem to fix. It keeps things complicated and thus reinforces the fog of illusion in which many reside. There are many paths to wholeness, but the simplest truths are the answer to life’s most challenging […]


Enlightenment is taking responsibility for your own state of consciousness in the present moment. “I view all experiences as opportunities for me to learn and grow.”  ~Louise Hay~ Cultivate the courage to see yourself clearly. Blame and judgment extend our attention and energy outward rather than inward where true healing is possible. The shadows that […]

Choose joy

Don’t wait for life to fall in place before you choose to be happy. “My inner quest is rewarding and provides me with many answers.”  ~Louise Hay~ Each of us is a work in progress and this moment provides an opportunity to discover something new. Life is constantly changing and there is nothing to cling […]

Be kind

See yourself as beautiful, lovable and appreciated. “I am worth loving. There is love all around me.”  ~Louise Hay~ Everything begins with you… how you choose to start your day, what you focus your attention upon, the things you choose to read or watch or what you put into your body. Bring kindness to every […]

The dance of change

Life is a dance of change. Every situation contains seeds of new beginnings. “I am aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most.”  ~Louise Hay~ There is an ebb and flow to life. We experience changes more gracefully when we stay authentic and adhere to […]

See challenges as opportunities

You can create the space in which a transformation can occur. “I handle all my experiences with wisdom, love and ease.”  ~Louise Hay~ In the midst of a challenge, it can be difficult to know where to turn or what is right. See the present moment as an opportunity to gain greater clarity and truth. […]

No mistakes

You have the strength to face whatever life offers. “I am guided throughout this day to make all the right choices. I only desire that which is for my highest good.”  ~Louise Hay~ How many times have you carefully considered various choices, weighed  pros and cons and decided upon a course of action, only to […]

You hold the key

In every moment we choose how we interpret and respond to life. “My life reflects good and only good is reflected back at me. I am the cool, calm expression of life.”  ~Louise Hay~ Rather than have others’ perceptions driving your experience, choose to step back and bring a different viewpoint to the events you […]

Live beyond limitation

You choose how you will experience life. “Divine peace and love surround me and dwell in me. I trust the process of life.”  ~Louise Hay~ Each of us interprets life based upon our level on consciousness. That can be helpful to remember when things seem to repeat in our experience. Repetition indicates that there is […]


When you have nothing to prove, the whole world belongs to you. “I breathe life into my vision and create the world I desire.”  ~Louise Hay~ The ego creates traps through anxiety and doubt… worrying what others may think, wondering how to please, get noticed or leave an impression. Many people often struggle with indecision, […]