Infinite potential

Never doubt the power of your dreams. “Whatever I am guided to do will be a success.” ~ Louise Hay ~ All transformation begins with a thought. Thought begets movement, and movement opens new channels of energy that contain infinite potential. When you live in celebration of life and love, you scatter the seeds of […]

Facing the darkness

Face fear when it arises knowing that every situation plays a significant role in your soul’s growth. “Good now flows into my life from expected and unexpected channels.” ~ Louise Hay ~ “Everyone feels fear. But giving in to fear is what makes our lives narrow and dark. Fear-based action is the source of all […]

Conscious interactions

Allow your life to be your message. “I see only harmony around me at all times. I am always safe and secure.” ~ Louise Hay ~ When communicating with another, ask yourself if what you say will bring joy or healing to the situation or offer loving support. If so, proceed. If not, consider why […]

Become a conscious listener

Prayer is talking to the Divine. Meditation is listening to the Divine. Be still. Explore the depths of your own inner silence to the point where it meets the silence of the Universe. Become a conscious listener. Choose to be fully present with life… still, silent and alert. Many people around you may find this […]

Change begins within

There is nothing to be gained by being unkind. Love yourself and then allow that energy to flow outward throughout your life. “As I change, the world around me is transformed.” Awareness does not come through trying. It moves through our lives like a living flame, burning away limiting beliefs and habitual patterns. We learn […]

Journey within yourself

Life has a tendency to distract us from seeing our own beauty. “It’s as though, knowing that everything is possible, suddenly nothing is necessary.” ~Diana Gabaldon~ Just be. Get out of the stories of the mind, release the limiting beliefs about who you are. Seek to create freedom from the constricting movement of thought, the […]

Saying Yes to life

Enrich your life experience by shaking up the status quo. “Every decision I make is the right one for me.” ~Louise Hay~ Create an experiment of “Yes” in your life. Whether for a day, a week or longer, make a conscious decision to say yes. This doesn’t mean blindly using this approach with everything. There’s […]

There is a place…

Cultivate inner balance and bring the best version of yourself to this moment. Today I am willing to create a miracle. There is a place where passion can emerge where joy can be felt and silence heard. In the stillness love calls to me. The more I share, the more room I create to receive. […]

Limitless possibility

Be present with whatever is happening without believing your judgments about it. “Today is my stepping-stone to new awareness and greater joy.” ~Louise Hay~ Fixed beliefs and boundaries block us from experiencing life’s mysteries. Don’t play it safe – act from the heart and allow circumstances to unfold as they will. No matter how things […]

Living madly in love with life

You bring something beautiful to the world that was not there before. “My home is a peaceful haven. I put love in every corner, and my home lovingly responds with warmth and comfort.” ~Louise Hay~ When you are creative, you open yourself as a conduit for Divine energy. Fill your space with beauty, magic, love […]