There is always something new to learn

We live in a realm of infinite potential. No matter how much you learn, you are just getting started… “I am aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most.” ~Louise Hay~ Live in a spirit of adventure, full of trust. Step by step, be drawn […]

Your inner light

Do you ever forget that you are a magnificent, abundant, infinite being of light playing a game of discovery…? “I am empowered and confident. I hold my head up high.” ~Louise Hay~ The game we play is not about winning. It is learning how to consistently bring clarity and insight to the present moment. Rather […]

Stepping into the unknown

The only things we truly know are the ones we have learned from conscious living. “Every person, place and thing on this planet is interconnected with love. I am at home in the Universe.” ~Louise Hay~ Spiritual awakening requires the willingness to step into the unknown. When you stop playing it safe and move beyond […]

Loving reminders

Love is seeing through the roles and illusions to recognize the Divine in another. “My heart is opening wider and wider. Love flows from me and to me in ever-increasing amounts. I feel great. People love being around me.” ~Louise Hay~ Ego-driven love is based upon expectations, hopes and conditioning. It is filled with thought, […]


Resistance, whether internal or external, is a sign of authentic change. “I forgive others, and I now create my life in the way I want it to be.” ~Louise Hay~ As we change, the world around us is transformed. Pay attention to resistance when it arises, for it is an indicator that the work you […]

Embrace what is

Relax… your soul knows exactly what it is doing. “I am kind and gentle with myself as I grow and change.” ~Louise Hay~ Enlightenment takes us from one dimension to another. It comes only when we have reached a point in our experience when we finally touch the unknowable and strip away our limiting beliefs […]

All of life participates in your awakening

Choose to experience this moment as if you had purposely created it. For the highest, wisest aspects of yourself most certainly did… for your benefit. “Every experience I have benefits me. I am in the process of positive change.” ~Louise Hay~ Everything plays a role in your awakening. Moment to moment, choose to bring the […]


Without attachment or expectation, you can consciously create your experience moment to moment. “Every moment is a new beginning. My life is so sweet.” ~Louise Hay~ Fall into the silence, into the gap. Notice it between heartbeats, words, thoughts, music, goals and desire. See that the silence is what gives form and substantive meaning to […]

The authentic life

Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is. “I am aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most.” ~Louise Hay~ In order to live authentically, we must drop our attachment to the roles we play, the goals for which we strive and the illusions […]

Love, light and laughter

Be together for the sheer joy of it. Play your way through life without attachment to an end result. “I am joyous today. Humor and fun contribute to my total well-being.” ~Louise Hay~ Some people see life as drudgery. Everything becomes heavy and difficult because of the energy they bring to their life situations. Yet […]