Frequency Enhancement ProgramYou can change your life!

Illuminating Energy Transmissions - Discover and accelerate the Mastery of your awakening. Illuminating Energy Transmissions transform your life by tapping into your potential in a powerful and personal way. Blockages are released or converted into inner strength.

These weekly group distance energy transmission sessions combine several approaches which create a deeper connection between you and the god/goddess of your understanding. The Divine Intelligence of the energy knows where it is needed and will bring about healing and balance in whatever way is most appropriate for you on your personal and unique path of transformation
Each week, I will be transmitting the energy between 9:00-10:00 pm (pacific time). Whether you choose to accept the energy "live" during that time or later in the evening, the potency will be the same. I've worked with my guides to ensure that it will be ready and waiting for you whenever you can create quiet time to receive it, for it is not limited by time or space.
As we progress, your frequency and personal vibration will increase, adding new layers of healing to what you have already received. 

Sunday Night Group Energy Transmissions - $100 per month - includes weekly energy transmissions, every Sunday night as you sleep.

The purpose behind this energy work is to provide affordable, consistent reinforcement of illuminating energy which will raise your frequency and bring healing to mind/body/spirit.

$25 per week


Personal Illuminating Energy Transmissions - $95 each - in person or distance

This personal session creates a connection between you and the Divine. Energy is sent with specific purpose and intention based upon your needs.

How to Prepare for an Energy Transmission

  • Bathe and wash your hair – no lotions, deodorant, etc.
  • Each Sunday night, prior to going to sleep, sit with your back as straight as possible with your bare feet flat on the floor.
  • Say, “I am willing to accept a miracle.”
  • Spend 10 minutes communing with “the god of your understanding” stating your intention and focusing upon the harmony and balance you wish to create in your life.
  • Then, lay down and spend the next 20 minutes in silence accepting the energy as it flows through you as you fall asleep.

What to expect from an Energy Transmission

  • Greater peace of mind
  • More focus
  • Clarity
  • Improved relationships
  • Alignment with life purpose
  • Increased sensual enjoyment
  • Less mental chatter
With all energy work, things can often rise to the surface to be released or healed. If you have any flu-like symptoms or if challenges become more pronounced, it means that the energy is working - these healing crisis' tend to be intense and quick


Suggested Reading

  • A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle
  • Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life – Wayne Dyer
  • Radical Forgiveness – Colin Tipping
  • Power vs Force - David Hawkins
  • Radical Forgiveness
    Hypnotherapy/Life Between Life Therapy
    Customized Star Flower and Gemstone Essences
    Intuitive Readings
    Shamanistic Energy Clearing

    This approach to spiritual growth and enhanced awareness is based in part on Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work (, the frequency work of Dr. David Hawkins, Pathyagorean numerology, and the Michael Teachings.


    "Sunday night I was feeling depressed and lost. When I awoke Monday morning, my energy had changed and I felt an immediate difference. I know it was the Illuminating Energy Transmission at work in me. Thank you!" Sandford H.



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