Choose to create an inner dialogue that is kind and supportive. “I am aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Happiness comes from within. Ezra Bayda teaches how to use three questions to bring your attention to your inner state […]

Beyond limitation

Let your life be your message. “I constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at the world.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Words create limitation. They are bound by past usage and definition, expectation, projection and experience. Have you ever had a life changing dream, read a book rich with layers and tone or […]

Accept then act

Life will present whatever situation or circumstance is most appropriate for your soul’s growth. “I trust the processes of life.” ~ Louise Hay ~ All of life is participating in your awakening. Every nuance of the days events, each interaction, all that you witness… everything plays it’s unique role in the development of your soul. […]

Saying “Yes” to life

Enjoy who you are and where you are. All is well. “When I really love myself, everything in my life works.” ~ Louise Hay ~ This moment is your stepping stone to greater awareness and joy. Can you imagine? This is the moment you have longed and prepared for ever since you began your journey […]

Be willing to receive

All that you need is already within you. “I am in the perfect place at the perfect time. I am always safe.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Know how to accept sustenance and fulfillment from life. Instead of striving, allow. Instead of stress and worry, receive. The Tao te Ching teaches that the less we do, […]

Give yourself permission to thrive

You choose what you will allow yourself to experience. “I deserve the best, and accept it now. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Prior to awakening, people spend a lot of time feeling victimized by life. In those moments many become lost in ideas of limitation […]

Act without expectation

Live aligned with the love, light and laughter of the Divine. “I am mentally and emotionally equipped to enjoy a loving, prosperous life. I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Before you make a decision or take action, go within and observe your state of consciousness. Are you at […]

Accessing inner wisdom

Life is rarely as serious as our mind makes it out to be. “I take brisk walks in the sunshine to invigorate my body and soul.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Your inner voice speaks through the wordless language of the heart. Stillness allows us to access the clarity which comes from transcending the dualities and […]

Living passionately

Find your passion… and give yourself to it. “Every experience I have leads me to a greater understanding of my purpose on Earth.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Many people struggle to find and express their unique gifts and wonder how to live their lives in a way that is vibrant and fulfilling. Often this search […]

Infinite potential

Never doubt the power of your dreams. “Whatever I am guided to do will be a success.” ~ Louise Hay ~ All transformation begins with a thought. Thought begets movement, and movement opens new channels of energy that contain infinite potential. When you live in celebration of life and love, you scatter the seeds of […]