Consistent spiritual practice

Let your life be your message. I bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place. Throughout your journey of awakening, you will feel drawn to different ideas, modalities and paths to enlightenment. As you find tools that inspire you, consistently work with them. If there comes a point where you “outgrow” that particular passion, that’s […]

Being present to life

There is nothing more important than your state of consciousness in this moment. I take brisk walks in the sunshine to invigorate my body and soul. ~ Louise Hay~ Remember to take time periodically throughout the day to check in with yourself. What is your state of consciousness? Are you experiencing the present moment fully […]

Breathe, trust and let go

Act from the heart and allow circumstances to unfold as they will. I trust in the Power that created me to protect me at all times and under all circumstances. ~ Louise Hay~ Detachment is powerful practice. It changes the energy that you emit and opens a world of infinite possibility. Before you make a […]

Accept, then act

Move through the present moment with grace. I take full responsibility for every aspect of my life. ~ Louise Hay~ Spiritual practice requires an openhearted acceptance of whatever unfolds in your experience. Resistance causes pain. Begin with the premise that everything works toward your highest good and plays a specific role in your soul’s awakening. […]

Being splendid and delightful

Don’t postpone your happiness. I am joyously exuberant and in harmony with all of life. ~ Louise Hay~ Several years ago I worked customer service for a financial company. As you can imagine, most calls were fraught with anger, frustration or fear. Money can often trigger ego-generated issues regarding self-worth and safety so many people […]

Life is responding to you

All transformation begins within. I create miracles in my wonderful world. I am open to the wonders of the Universe.  ~Louise Hay~ Pay attention to the repetitive circumstances that you experience. Life is a reflection of our innermost beliefs and expectations. These operate from subconscious levels and can often be challenging to recognize. Once you […]

Expressing Gratitude

Expressing gratitude (for everything!) creates a flow of empowerment and joy in your experience. Miracle follows miracle in my life. I accept miraculous occurrences in my life and in my world. ~ Louise Hay~ As you walk in the world, it’s important to express gratitude for all that unfolds in your experience. Everything and everyone […]

Living gently

The awakened spirit walks gently through life. I create peacefulness in my mind. I trust my inner wisdom. ~Louise Hay~ Living a spiritual life is not some distant perfection that you will someday experience. It is the daily practice of bringing a sense of peace and inner purpose to your daily journey as best as […]

Love’s greatest gift

Spiritual practice is about increasingly entering into love – not personal love, but the love that is the nature of our being. ~Ezra Bayda~ I love who I am, and reward myself with thoughts of praise. ~ Louise Hay~ To enter into love is much, much more than the desire to be loved or to […]

A life filled with enchantment

The desire to understand “why” can be a distraction. Some things defy rational explanation. I move beyond limited human-mind thinking and align myself with the infinite Divine Mind, where all things are possible. ~ Louise Hay~ “When difficulties arise, one of our first reactions is to ask ‘Why?’ We want certainty, logic, simple causality. We […]