Life’s teachers

I am a lifetime student of love. “I take full responsibility for every aspect of my life.”  ~Louise Hay~ It can often be challenging to see ourselves clearly. To help us with this, beautiful souls enter our lives or publicly step foot on life’s stage and act in a way that benefits our growth. All […]

Daily gratitude

Honor this moment as sacred. “I now accept and appreciate the abundant life the Universe offers me.”  ~Louise Hay~ The Tao Te Ching teaches us to live in harmony with the world of 10,000 things. Willingness and appreciation allow us enter this realm with an open heart. Humility changes the way that we relate to […]

Honor all paths as sacred

Honor all paths as sacred “We are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge, and awareness that we have.”  ~Louise Hay~ The very first of the Celtic Vows of Friendship is “I honor your path.” When we enter into our relationships with this idea providing the foundation for our interactions, it allows […]

Inner mastery

How are you choosing to experience this moment? “I see only harmony around me at all times. I am always safe and secure.”  ~Louise Hay~ The only thing over which you have complete control is how you respond to life. Life is at it is; however, our thoughts determine the level of joy, enthusiasm, frustration […]

Live well

Celebrate those who grace your life with their presence. “I am gentle, kind and patient with myself. Those around me reflect this tender care.”  ~Louise Hay~ It is helpful to connect with heart-centered groups that improve the quality of our lives. As we each walk our unique path of awakening, we draw in the people, […]

Your life is your message

Truth always makes itself known. “I release all control to the Universe. I am at peace with myself and with life.”  ~Louise Hay~ Ego-driven pride eventually teaches us the beauty of humility. During the beginning stages of growth, it’s natural to achieve, amass, market oneself and determine our value based upon outward indicators of success. […]

Life begins where fear ends

Celebrate the joy of being alive. “I expect life to be safe and joyous. I attract all that is good.”  ~Louise Hay~ Fear paralyzes. It tells us that nothing will change no matter what we do and creates a mind full of “what ifs?” that weigh us down. The postponement of movement leaves us feeling […]

Entering the mystery

When you view life as a mystery, new doors will open for you. “I rise above all limitations. I am Divinely guided and inspired.”  ~Louise Hay~ Another word for mind is “maya” which is a Hindu expression for illusion. Those who are trapped in thought become lost in the mire of projection, seeing only what […]

Be different

Mastery is having conscious, consistent and loving responses to life. “I expect life to be safe and joyous. I attract all that is good.”  ~Louise Hay~ Old Souls must walk a different path. It can be challenging to observe many in the world embrace the idea of accumulation or others’ acceptance and outside verification as […]

Finding the gap

Life’s wonder and mystery can be discovered wherever you are. “I am now willing to see my own beauty and magnificence.”  ~Louise Hay~ Learn to quiet the endless chatter of the mind and find the gap – between thoughts, words, notes of music, ideas or actions – this is the space of pure potential. Nothingness […]