Act without expectation

Live from the heart and allow life to unfold as it will. That’s Right! I hold no cherished outcome The light of consciousness shines through you. Your soul is in a constant state of expansion, opening to a new way of being. It’s important to cultivate the art of being present. Appreciate the little things. […]

Sacred space

Create a home that is a sacred space of peace, power, growth and transformation. That’s Right! Nothing is more important than my state of consciousness A day of gratitude, expansion, healing and growth begins the moment you awaken. If you haven’t properly tended to the energy in the household, layers of old intensities and emotional […]

Transforming fear patterns into power

Turn and face any darkness within you. That’s Right! I see my patterns and make changes without embarrassment or guilt The stories of the ego keep our fears alive; therefore, meditation and mindfulness are the best tools we have to transform these fear patterns into power. Your awareness is the first step of change. Everything […]

Living without labels

Live without the need for labels and judgment. That’s Right! I see the best in everyone and help them to express their best qualities We can learn a great deal by listening to others without a running inner commentary. Only when we drop the mind-made labels of race, religion, politics or heritage, can we can […]

Celebrate yourself

You have a purpose. That’s Right! I am a lifetime student of love Celebrate yourself. Take time to see how far you have come and honor the process of your awakening. Choose to see all of your quirks and perceived flaws through the eyes of love and transform them into your greatest assets with the […]

Strength through surrender

There is great strength and empowerment to be discovered through surrender and acceptance That’s Right! I am willing to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity There are three stages of consciousness: those who simply work and follow mindlessly, seeing each day as something to get through, those who have learned to stand […]

Consciously directing energy

Every thought, word and action sends waves of energy throughout the Universe. That’s Right! I open my consciousness to all the miracles of life The ego may try to tell you that you have failed or that you should be farther along and more conscious by now. Lack of clarity or a sense of futility […]

Existence opens

Every moment is filled with limitless possibility. That’s Right! I rise above all limitations. I am Divinely guided and inspired You are a spark of the infinite light of love temporarily expressing itself as human. As you learn to trust in the processes of life, your unique adventures will deepen your personal connection to the […]

Happiness is the path

Happiness is something that you can consciously choose over and over until it is your natural response to life. That’s Right! I am responsible for my own joy Your thoughts create a filter through which you experience and interpret the events of your life. We live in an infinite universe, each person translating what they […]

Soul connections

“Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.” ~ Hafiz What if that was the underlying truth inherent within every situation and relationship of your life? It is. That’s Right! I choose to live with an open heart In the eternal dance of awakening, the scripts may change, but the players remain the […]