Integration and wholeness

Acceptance of the dualities of life brings about the integration of apparent opposites. Night doesn’t oppose day, dark doesn’t suppress the light; rather, they work together to create a balance of contrast that represents wholeness. Seek to integrate the various aspects of your personality. Like the myriad facets of a beautiful diamond, your energy shimmers with […]

The spiral of spiritual awakening

You soul’s purpose will call to you many times throughout your life. As you progress on the Path of Transformation, your heart will direct you to the circumstances, people and situations that will life you up to your highest potential. For the last two nights, an owl has spoken to me in the moonlight. To […]

Celebration and spiritual awakening

How can you transform this moment into one of celebration? Each time we choose to celebrate life, we honor the Now as sacred. In essence, celebration allows the Divine to recognize itself as it flows through you experiencing the world of form. No matter what you choose to do, do it mindfully. Take a moment […]

Your divine purpose

You have the potential to help raise the vibration of the planet. Each step forward on your spiritual walk sends waves of love and light throughout the Universe and all life celebrates with you. Whether immersed within creative projects or hobbies, manifesting your dreams, working synergistically with others or meditating in solitude, living your unique truth […]

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

Beauty can be found in the simple, most ordinary aspects of life and it can sometimes be easy to take them for granted. Gratitude creates a space of awareness and aliveness in the present moment. When you choose to be fully conscious, even the most mundane tasks begin to take on a sacred quality. There’s […]

The energy of Now

When we share our gifts, we too are blessed. Kindness, whether in the form of tangible assistance, energy or forgiveness, opens the heart chakra of the Divine and that love will certainly return in the most miraculous ways. There is an endless supply of energy, love, light, awareness and healing available for you. On occasion […]

Trust the process of your awakening

When we truly love ourselves, everything in our life works. It’s often difficult to see the pain that we carry. For this reason, our human experience is set up as a series of reflections. Our beliefs, fear and expectations are mirrored by those around us and on a larger scale, our global challenges are seen […]

Inner stillness

When we cultivate stillness within ourselves, we are less likely to react to the unconsciousness of others. More than ever before, it’s time to trust your inner wisdom and the guidance of your heart. Sometimes this requires being comfortable seeing life through a filter that is far different from those around you while honoring beliefs, […]

The gift of acceptance

Each time we greet another person on our journey with kindness, dignity and respect, we help all those around us. Every action sends waves of energy out into the world and the reverberations are infinite. The key to tapping into this incredible power is mindfulness. Become aware of the energy behind your thoughts. When you […]

Our sacred journey

The journey is more important than the destination. The path that you walk is a sacred place, filled with adventure, new discoveries and old friends. As you move from one place to the next, growth is assured. There is no need to struggle or plan too much (though if you choose to do so that’s […]