Trust that everything will unfold in the perfect way at the perfect time. “We live in an infinite Universe. There will be enough time to fit everything in.” When you are fully engaged in the present moment, time stops. Suddenly the energy flows differently. All that is heard, felt and experienced has greater impact because […]


You are in the midst of a great awakening. “Today I am willing to accept a miracle.” Choose one thing today and immerse yourself within it. Treat yourself to a new book. Take time to recharge. Explore your creativity. Listen. No matter what you choose to do, approach it without expectation and simply allow something […]


Bring mindfulness to the present moment. “Talking a lot about something that bothers you is a clear sign you’ve got something huge to learn, unrelated to ‘the thing’.” ~The Universe~ Observe how often the mind prompt you to talk about things it doesn’t like – politics, family drama, the weather, challenges – and choose instead […]


Anything can spark a breakthrough… “Allow yourself to take the risk of shattering the old patterns and limitation that have kept your energy from flowing.” ~Osho~ Living consciously is the greatest adventure that life has to offer. When you bring awareness to your life experience, anything can spark a breakthrough. Something as unexpected as a […]

Let your life be your message

We are One. “All of life is a circle or spiral of experience, and no point on the circle is better than any other.” ~From Michael, the Basic Teachings~ In judgment, we believe that the other person should “know better” and demand that they have greater self-awareness; however, it’s important to remember that each of […]

Be led by joy

Your purpose is to awaken. “The heart that seeks to awaken, to live genuinely, is more real than anything. That nameless drive calls you to be who you must truly are.” ~Ezra Bayda~ How can you live authentically when you postpone your joy? Happiness is your birthright, your path and your mojo. The path to […]

We are surrounded by miracles

Energy never ends. It simply changes form naturally and effortlessly. “What happens when we slow down and pay attention? Everything! Innumerable delights are right at hand.” ~Ezra Bayda~ Life is filled with gifts. Sometimes presented as simple beauty, sometimes arriving in the guise of hardship, the miracles of life awaken a sense of the Infinite […]

The quieter you become…

Give yourself a moment of peace. “Those who know do not talk. Those who talk do not know.” ~Lao Tzu~ Be still and listen. Bring your full awareness to this moment without any mental commentary and become One With Life. Here, in this place of stillness, you can access your own inner wisdom. This simple […]

Reclaim your magic

Enthusiasm and passion are awakened when we fully participate in the dance of existence. “When you quit believing in the magic of life, you get a life without magic.” ~Bryant McGill~ You are connected to all of existence. Seek to fill your life with joy, passion and enthusiasm. This intensity will allow you to immerse […]

Life is the journey

It is said that love is the destination and life is the journey… “The healthiest response to life is laughter from the heart, and even in the face of global turmoil, we can cultivate an internal sense of optimism.” ~From Why is God laughing? by Deepak Chopra~ You have a unique way of being in […]