The winds of heaven

Allow the winds of heaven to dance in between you… “With my loving attitude, I help to create a world where it is safe for us to love one another.” ~Louise Hay~ Celebrate each other’s growth. Support those you love by honoring their path, even if it takes them in unusual directions. Clinging causes pain, […]

All that you seek is within you.

All that you seek is within you. “Divine peace and love surround me and dwell in me. I trust the process of life.” ~Louise Hay~ Our self-images define the boundaries by which we choose to live. Imagine how you would approach life if you truly believed that the Divine lives within you and that you […]

Living in the Now

Your point of power is always in the present moment. “When I find harmony and balance in my mind, I find it in my life.” ~Louise Hay~ Live peacefully. Trust the process of life to support you in the way that is most beneficial for your growth. Seek to bring that sense of calm into […]

Change your thoughts, change your life

You are a powerful co-creator of your life experience. “Changes can begin in this moment. I am willing to change.” ~Louise Hay~ Until you become mindful, life will continue to repeat. Lessons present themselves in various forms until they are no longer required for your soul’s growth. With this in mind, observe what unfolds in […]

Inner light

There is an infinite source of energy which shines through you. “I follow my inner star. I am a shining example of love and light.” ~Louise Hay~ The love, light and laughter of the Universe lives within you. It seeks only to be expressed in joyful and unique ways. You bring something special to the […]


When you truly love yourself, life reflects that love to you in incredible ways. “The people in my life are really mirrors of me. My world is safe and friendly.” ~Louise Hay~ Everyone and everything in your life acts as a mirror, reflecting your innermost beliefs, beauty and challenges. What you recognize in another, you […]

The power of gratitude

Become open to the many opportunities to celebrate in life. “I constantly find new ways of looking at my world. I see beauty everywhere.” ~Louise Hay~ True spiritual practice is about opening to life. Living from the heart requires that we approach each moment with gratitude and celebration. Don’t wait for things to be “right” […]

Wisdom and love

The paradox of awakened spirituality creates the dance of experience. “Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who I am.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Love creates the movement of connection. When we learn to see everything and everyone as our reflection, we bring a different response to the events of life. […]

Breaking free

You can break free from the prison of the mind. “I move beyond limited human-mind thinking and align myself with the infinite Divine Mind, where all things are possible.” ~ Louise Hay ~ “When strong emotions arise in the midst of a conflict, it’s generally best to keep quiet, to spend time in meditation. It’s […]

The purpose of spiritual life

Love who you are and reward yourself with kindness. “Love flows through my very being. It touches everyone I meet and leads me to greater compassion.” ~ Louise Hay ~ The true dynamic of love becomes lost when the ego is engaged. Egoic love seeks to possess while spiritual love seeks to give. “As we […]